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Most parents who pay to send their children to an independent school or who homeschool their children make tremendous financial sacrifices to make this possible. By not sending their children to the local public school, these parents are taking the financial pressure off the public system to hire more teachers and to build more schools.

That is why as Prime Minister I will make tuition up to $4000 per child tax deductible with no strings attached for parents who educate their children in an independent school. For parents who home school, I will put in place a refundable tax credit of $1000 for each child being educated at home, also with no strings attached.

I was raised by a dad who was trained as a teacher and who served as principal of an independent school. When we moved back to the family farm in southeastern Saskatchewan, my mom and dad homeschooled my brothers and me.

I get it.

I understand - firsthand - the financial challenges that go along with parents opting out of their local public system in order to get the education they want for their children.

That is why I am proud to stand in defense of parents' rights to educate their own children.

If - like me - you believe in genuine choice in education I need your help.

Take action now by making a tax-deductible contribution to my campaign. Your support will help me continue to expand parental choice and defend parental rights. (To read about my proposal for a Parental Bill of Rights click here.

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